Our services

Our services

The consulting services we provide range from Intelligent Transport System strategy development (road network pricing, road user charging, and transport management enterprise architectures) though to concept/detailed design, implementation and operations (C2C, critical tunnel systems reviews, TMC integration) and Emerging Technology projects (mobility as a service, C-ITS).

What do we do?

Overall, our objective is to provide on-demand, highly skilled, experienced transportation consultants whom are sought after by our clients in the domain practice areas of Management Consulting, Commercial / Procurement Consulting, Asset Management, Technical Services, Operations Management, and Program / Portfolio and Project Management.

Management Consulting

JYW’s Management Consulting practice is a key driver in our overall transportation advisory service. We bring our transportation domain working knowledge to assist our clients in achieving their business mission and objectives, business plans, strategic roadmaps and blueprints, investment strategy frameworks and critical organizational success factors.

Our focus in Management Consulting is in creativity and innovation in a whole-of-life context, providing our clients with the qualitative and quantitative assessment to make informed decisions.

Asset Management

JYW brings a wealth of knowledge and experiences in Asset Management having worked with most of the major Australasian based ITS system integrators, Road Operators, Traffic and Transport Management Centres (TMCs) and are familiar with their capabilities, products and solutions.

JYW has an in-house model based Asset Management Framework and as such we are able to provide in-depth system analysis and critical evaluation services for Motorway Systems, Tolling Systems and ITS systems for our clients. JYW also has an in-house tolling performance auditing system that provides continuous transactional audit of roadside and back office systems as a means to minimize revenue leakage and maximise processing accuracy.

Program / Portfolio and Project Management

Our experienced program/project management accredited (PMP & Prince 2) consultants have significant turnkey project management experiences in complex projects over Australia and New Zealand. JYW’s resources have held significant senior program/project management roles acting on behalf of a number of transport authorities, contractors and operators.

We have a suite of established transport focused quality management frameworks (such as risk management framework, safety engineering framework, and failure mode effects and criticality analysis – FMECA) that we adopt to suit the client’s project management needs.

Operational Management

JYW Consulting is highly experienced in providing Customer Service Excellence in Public Transport and Traffic TMCs, Control Rooms and overall Road Operational services. Our award winning resources have delivered enhanced outcomes in Network Performance, Managed Motorways, Private Infrastructure Management, Vehicle Compliance and People and Technology management for all aspects of TMC operations.

Commercial / Procurement Consulting

We have one of most experienced technology contract and commercial advisory teams with unparalleled end to end procurement, technical and operation consulting experiences in a wide spectrum of complex transport projects. Our results driven work includes successful major business case preparation, tendering process assistance and new technologies procurement.

JYW’s business intelligence and business analytics advisory services are used by various complex commercial / procurement engagements to assist our client in performing financial and operational analytics to satisfy all commercial business financial information disclosure obligations, auditing and due diligence requirements.

Technical Consulting

JYW has delivered technical advisory services across Australasian transportation projects and we are recognised by the industry as a leading subject matter expert in the management of complex technical transport projects.

With in-house Electrical & Electronics, Computer Science & Mathematics, and Software Engineering degree qualified and Chartered and National Profession and RPEQ registered consultants we have a wealth of technical experts to draw upon while delivering complex multi-disciplinary technical solutions such as mission critical tunnel operations management and control systems and traffic management centre applications. Our experience and capability is recognised by various Australasian transport agencies and through ITS specialist and tunneling specialist panel.

Additionally, JYW have established a number of key strategic business partners that can provide complementary technical consulting services (such as structure, civil, drafting) as required.

System Engineering

We deliver projects using a Model Based System Engineering approach, achieved by establishing and maintaining a product design and systems engineering management baseline. These reference baselines provide a context for all other engineering activities such as risk and safety, decision making and maximising the return on investments while minimising the full cost of ownership over the system lifecycle.

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